Il Cesare - Spumante Demisec Metodo Classico


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Registered name: Il Cesare - Spumante Demisec Metodo Classico

Grape variety: Chardonnay, Pinot Bianco

Vineyard (name, age, altitude): Terrazze alte, 1991, 350 m above sea level and Busa piccola, 1994, 200 m above sea level

Ground: Dolomia (limestone rich in magnesium)

Harvesting: Hand - picked

Aging: 6 months after the wine is bottled, it remains on yeasts to ferment in the bottle for about 2 years. Then degorgement à la glace and the lock with mushroom cap.

Service temperature: 8 °C

Peculiarity: Fruity and fragrant like crust of bread. Pleasantly sweet and elegant, with good persistence.